Work For Moms From Home – Why Not Consider Internet Marketing?

If you are like me you want nothing more than to be able to make a substantial income so you can stay home with your kids. I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and I also wanted to have money. When my daughter was born this “great idea” of working from home became a must!

I fell in love with my daughter and could not imagine having to leave her for 8 hours a day. At the same time I hated to sell so I knew, at least for me, something like Avon was out. I turned to internet marketing, took it seriously and I am not a stay-at-home mom making more then I did going to a job 8 hours a day. I really believe this has been the best thing for my family!

Work for Moms from Home

Moms are in a unique predicament in today’s world. We are expected to work and provide income for the family yet we are still expected to be the primary caretaker for the family. I am not saying this is a problem, in fact I always wanted to earn money and take care of a family but the question was always – HOW?

I did try a few odd jobs after my daughter was born and I did play around with the internet as an income source but it was not until I really took internet marketing seriously (meaning I refused to get frustrated during the learning curve) that I started to get myself financially to a place where I could be comfortable working from home.

If you are not a salesperson, don’t want to hassle with inventory, phone calls or customer service issues and you want a job that you can work at in the morning or evening or anytime your schedule frees up for a few minutes then I think internet marketing should be given a serious look.

Internet marketing just means that you are a “middle man”. You get offers from affiliate networks (these are free to join) and promote them then you get a commission for every sale or lead. So your work is all based on the internet and there is no set time you have to work during the day or night. I like to pass along two “golden rules” to those interested in internet marketing. First be willing to learn, the idea behind of affiliate marketing is very basic but the skills come from learning and trying and failing.

Second, do not try to learn it on your own. What I recommend is following someone who has a good reputation as a teacher and then stick with that teacher. You can find a lot of free stuff about internet marketing but because you typically have to join someone’s list to get this free information you end up getting bombarded with offers and find your head spinning.

If you are interested in a good teacher to learn from I recommend Jeremy Schoemaker, he is a real authentic guy who I found I could relate to very easily. He also teaches using videos which I find much easier to learn from then trying to read and decipher. The internet is the future of business and I think this is a great time to learn the ropes and get ahead of the game and stay home with the kids at the same time!

Are you looking for a reputable work from home [] opportunity? Here is a no pressure place to learn the core skills needed to make money [] from home. Hi everyone, my name is Erin Kelly and I have been making money online for the past two years. At first I searched Google for tips and tricks and felt lost. Things did not start clicking until I started to follow Jeremy Schoemaker’s system. I think the internet is an open door to anyone looking to make more money and enjoy the freedom of working from home.

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